Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Forbes: Why Most Brainstorming Sessions Are Useless

See Forbes article Why Most Brainstorming Sessions Are Useless

My response:

This article raises a number of issues: group work vs. individual work; unique strengths; problem solving; brainstorming; generating new ideas; creative thought; and innovation.

Edward de Bono's work on the patterning system of the human brain is relevant to the mental landscapes we bring to work. He also has a thing or two to say about brainstorming vs. creative thought. The Six Thinking Hats in the context of thinking in general: Teach Yourself to Think.

Peter Drucker on individual strength. Drucker constantly stressed starving problems and feeding opportunities. In his work on innovation he favored the the seven windows of innovative opportunity and suggested avoiding "the bright idea."

It might be interesting to note the contrasting mental landscapes and timescapes between de Bono and Drucker.

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