Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Time Management: GTD vs. PFD

David Allen's GTD is about getting things done. Peter F. Drucker is about getting the right things done and that means ignoring a lot of stuff that would be on a GTD busy list. A lot of the stuff on busy lists have no value to the world. The two approaches have completely different views of time and its usage. Here some Drucker resources:

TLN key links offers a time investment landscape. Managing Oneself is the foundation.

Drucker said the problem of having people in positions where they do the least amount of good exists everywhere, but it is more rampant in hospitals, churches, and other nonprofits than in corporations.

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  1. A vital part of all organizations involves the theory of time management . Time management can be explained in many ways, but always involves prioritizing the way time is used. It often includes principles, plans and skills, and always aims at getting the most value out of the time you have.