Monday, October 29, 2012

Economic development work approach

This posting is an introduction to the economic development aspect of is a doorway to a large multi-generational, multi-topic economic development brainscape and tool kit. 
The site is primarily based on Peter Drucker's work.
He is top of the food-chain. Drucker had and has THE world-beater reputation based on an approach and method different from the rest. Remembering Drucker from The Economist. 

To get a feel for the site's depth, try a Google site search for: "management" without the quotation marks.
You can add or substitute: leadership, innovation, entrepreneurship, knowledge, technology, careers, books, time, "information literacy", concepts, thinking or investments for management to see different search results.
To summarize's broad scope:
  • The changing social and economic picture
  • The evolving content and structure of the economy
  • From early career work to CEO work area landscapes which includes the second half of one's life
  • From startup through multiple stages of organization evolution
  • A system for getting from concepts to daily action — repeatedly

Together this provides a prototype life-time work approach.
The site has over 500 web pages, 1000 images, and 100 PDFs. There are literally thousands of topics to choose from.

The site consists of book outlines (some with lengthy passages), concept illustrations, harvesting and action processes, topic brainroads that concatenate quotations from a variety of sources and lots of hyperlinks between topics.
The intent of the site is to create a comprehensive bread crumb trail toward tomorrows. Imagine what someone in 1950 or 1990 had to go on.
The site gives you a menu of future facing action areas that you probably didn’t have before. It is impossible to work on things that aren’t on your radar.
The site is a prototype that can be used or modified in any way a person wishes.
The site is a result of over 30 years of full-time research and content organization. 
It originated out of my previous corporate restructuring work and involvement with over 60 organizations in a wide range of areas. 

In addition to what is available on the web site, I have a large current events database that I update daily from 90+ news sources.
What do people in various situations and communities need on their radar as we move deeper into the 21st Century — a society of organizations, a knowledge society, and a network society? How will they get it?
I'm in the process of introducing the site to people in the economic development community — state economic development agencies and the chamber of commerce. The reaction so far has been underwhelming. Actually I haven't talked with anyone who knows who Peter Drucker was or knows his impact on society and the economy. From what I've seen so far they are spending money on trying to bring back yesterdayS.

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